Terms and Conditions (T & C)

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF Gamekingdomplus (September 2023)

PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE entering any service or ours prior to participating in any of our OWN contest. By subscribing to our services or participating in and ACCEPT THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

The following Terms and Conditions ('Terms' or 'Terms and Conditions') apply to the products, services and competitions offered or provided through the Short Message Service ('SMS') of Gamekingdomplus (hereinafter 'us' or 'Supplier'), and the use of a landing page or Web site used by the Supplier to provide services (collectively, the 'Site'). Terms and Conditions governing the relationship between you as a service to users and subscribers (hereinafter 'you' or 'User') and the supplier, Comparo Media doo. Tometići 15a, Kastav, Croatia. These Terms and Conditions Embedded documents replace any prior agreement between you and your vendor.

1. Description of the service provider

The provider offers users the opportunity to subscribe to certain services and online sources ('Gamekingdomplus services'), product offers and online material (collectively, 'Services'). These services are provided to users via SMS to their wireless devices. These Terms apply to all services provided by the provider via SMS, as well as any new services that constitute the expansion, extension, or enhancement of existing services, including any extension to new features added by the provider.

2. Subscription

Users can subscribe to online services through various landing pages managed by the vendor. This landing page will describe the particular services the user is to join.

Prices may vary depending on the specific wireless operator that the user uses for his wireless services. Current prices for Gamekingdomplus Service are:

Free for 24 hours then, 3.25 AED/day automatically.

By signing this service and by entering the PIN code sent to the provided telephone number online, you acknowledge that you have subscribed to our Services.

You can cancel this service anytime by sending C GK to 1111.

Reserves the right-supplier at its discretion to increase, decrease or modify the prices for this Gamekingdomplus service or other services provided below at any time by highlighting changes in these Terms or alerting users register by SMS to the phone number you provided at the time of registration for the Services. The continued use of the Mobile Service or other services after these changes have been highlighted in the Terms or after the sending of the SMS will constitute your acceptance of such changes.

3. Possibility to use the services

It must be over 18 years old to subscribe and use our services. Children under the age of 18 must have the consent of their parents or legal guardian to use the Services. Affirms that your legal guardian has examined and accepted these services.

3. Availability Services

To use the Services, you must have a mobile communication medium. This will require access to mobile communications through a mobile operator. You must pay all the incurred payments to create access. It is also responsible for connecting any necessary equipment, including any mobile phone or other devices that may be required. The Supplier does not assume any liability or warranties when settings, information or messages are not saved or are not saved in good time or if they are erased or delivered incorrectly.

Supplier does not have any statement, commitment, or warranty that the services, content or materials provided through the services will not be without interruptions or errors not included. to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, services, site and all information or content in or supplied by or the site are designed to you 'as is', 'as available' and 'where are' e personal use, no commercial.